10. Lead time

  • We give you time while your new home is being built to sell your existing property and get top dollar for it, instead of accepting a lesser offer under pressure. Landmark even has a seller's package where we help those building a Landmark home save money and time when selling their current home.
  • Lock into the price of your new dream home early. In many cases your new home will be worth more the day you move in.

9. Landmark Warranties and Customer Service

  • Wall-to-Wall, Basement-to-Roof, One-Year Warranty Guarantee.
  • Outstanding customer service is the number one goal of every Landmark employee. We will respond quickly to our customer's needs.

8. Technology

  • We make sure that your new home is equipped to handle all the latest technology and electronic gadgets.
  • We install plenty of electrical outlets, phone jacks and cable boxes.

7. Safety

  • Landmark homes are built with materials that have been tested to meet the strictest industry safety standards.
  • From gas lines and electrical to paint and insulation…every material meets or exceeds safety codes.

6. Appreciation in Value

  • Building a new Landmark home is not like driving a new car off a dealer lot.
  • Your new Landmark Home appreciates in value in a very short period of time.

5. Energy Efficient

  • In every Landmark Home you will find things like a 90% efficiency furnace, choice of Gerkin, Pella or Anderson Tyvek® Home Wrap and R-15 insulation on walls.
  • Your home appreciation value goes up, while your energy bills go down.

4. Fantastic Landmark Floor Plans

  • 2004 Omaha Floor Plan of the Year
  • Two plans featured in Omaha World-Herald Design of the Week section.
  • Exclusive in-house drafting services to design any home you want to build

3. Custom Choices or Limited Choices…Your Call

  • It’s our name…Landmark Custom Built Homes. If you desire a total custom, we will build it for you.
  • If you desire limited custom choices, we can do that too…with our new Landmark Limited Series Homes building option.

2. Ease of Maintenance

  • New Landmark homes, as you would expect, are very low maintenance.
  • You can spend more quality time with your family and friends instead of driving to the hardware store three times looking for a part to a 30 year-old faucet.
  • You can spend your weekends on the golf course or enjoying a favorite pastime instead of making household repairs.

1. We Build ReMarkable Homes

  • Home is where the heart is and Landmark puts its heart and soul into every home that we build.
  • Landmark Quality
    • Our Sub-contractors are the best in the business
    • Our Supervisors are experts in all home building phases
    • We use only top quality building materials and suppliers
  • Visit our model and spec homes and discover firsthand how Landmark sets the mark in home building.
  • We would love the opportunity to build your new home.