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4811 N 192nd Ave., Elkhorn - Sold

Style: Ranch/Villa, non-walkout, Fieldstone Plan
Main Floor Sq. Ft.: 1,843; Lwr. Lvl. Fin. Sq. Ft.: 1,145
Construction Phase: Complete - Closes 7/12/21
Neighborhood: Indian Creek Reserve,  Lot # 6

18304 Cheyenne Rd., Gretna - Sold

Style: 2-Story, walkout, Wyndham Plan
Main Floor Sq. Ft.: 1267; Upr. Lvl. Fin. Sq. Ft.: 1,710
Construction Phase: Touch Up - Closes 7/15/21
Neighborhood: Bridgeport,  Lot # 82

4238 George Miller Pkwy., Elkhorn - Sold

Style: 2-Story, walkout, Winchester Plan
Main Floor Sq. Ft.: 1,139 Upr. Lvl. Fin. Sq. Ft.: 1,451
Construction Phase: Rough-in - Closes 8/19/21
Neighborhood: Indian Pointe,  Lot # 326

18431 Boyd St., Elkhorn - Sold

Style: 2-Story, walk-out, McGregor Plan
Main Floor Sq. Ft.: 1,291; Upr. Lvl. Fin. Sq. Ft.: 1,309
Construction Phase: Foundation – Closes 10/22/21
Neighborhood: Indian Pointe, Lot # 337



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